Pier and Beam Repair in Hereford

Pier and Beam Repair in Hereford

Always keep an eye on the condition of your pier and beam foundation. You will be well-prepared to deal with any issue that may arise if you are aware of the state of your installation and whether repairs are coming. When contacting Hereford Foundation Repair for this service, you can rely on the most experienced professionals bringing their experience to bear. Due to the fact that we understand how important it is for you to have dependable footing and to be able to avoid foundation problems, we offer this reliable and affordable service to the city.

House Leveling

Using a pier and beam foundation not only adds strength to your property but also ensures a level structure that keeps your home at the right degree of angle. It is likely that one of these piers may not be as effective as the others due to the roles they play in this accuracy of level. You can rely on the skilled and capable professionals at Hereford Foundation Repair to provide you with the level and reliable space you desire.

Pier & Beam Material Replacement

Hereford Foundation Repair offers you quick and efficient services that are sure to meet your needs, whether you have damages or your pier and beam foundation’s age has diminished its effectiveness. The materials our experts use within the Hereford area are of the highest quality, which ensures you get the results you can count on. To get the best pier and beam foundation repair in Hereford, TX and the surrounding areas, reach out to the foundation specialists today.

Process of Foundation Repair

  • Prepare Site–The foundation repair process for Hereford happens in several phases. The area is cleared of shrubs and plants. Tarps are then placed over the lawn. We are able to replace any rotten wood or broken beams, and we can install piers regardless of whether the floors are rotten or broken.
  • Stabilizing–A hydraulic jack is used to lift the interior floor levels to their natural positions. The team moves slowly and systematically to ensure a gentle and uniform lift. They ensure that lifts react properly and cause no unnecessary strain on the structure.
  • Shimming Process–Once the structure is in its natural position, the previous shimming is removed and replaced with metal and permanent fillers. Beams are then added where necessary to reinforce the floor. If there is insufficient interior support, pads and blocks of interior material are added to the floor system or steel piers are inserted where needed.
  • Pier completion–Rather than relying on hydraulic jacks to retain the structure in its natural position, concrete cylinders or steel piers are a viable alternative. A fill-in will be done once all excavation debris has been removed. Hereford’s pier and beam foundation was repaired and our Reshimming System was installed, ensuring the foundation is now incredibly secure. A lifetime warranty is included with the installation!

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